T4 halogen bulb socket for for T5 fluorescent lamps

T4 halogen bulb socket for for T5 fluorescent lamps

T4 halogen bulb socket for for T5 fluorescent lamps,  made with wires and work for either type of fluorescent tubes. They work for the many new types of energy efficient linear bulbs that are coming on the market. These are very thin lamps and the t4 halogen bulb socket is different than T8 lamps.

T4 bulb socket features:
Screw mount base.
Wire leads.
600 volt.
75 watt.

T4 halogen bulb socket with leads

T4 halogen bulb socket functions and features:
1 intelligent control:
PLC programming and display control system, optimize the complex structure of the line, with a high intelligent operation interface, the display of the input, so that control more accurate, more convenient operation

2 high degree of automation:
The analog voltage gradually on the impact and the switch of the electronic energy-saving lamps, enhance the quality of the energy-saving lamps, peak and valley type voltage layout, high temperature and high pressure system, super low voltage startup and instantaneous high pressure system

3 technical performance excellence:
The new type of electric conduction mode and each area has two kinds of operation mode, the operation mode of the voltage transformation, the flexible and diverse operation mode, and the automatic conversion of the model.

4 voltage wide generalization:
Wide range of voltage regulation, can be aging at present all kinds of different voltage type of electronic energy saving lamps, such as the European region 110V, 220V Asia, Southeast Asia and other regions 240V

5 full compatibility:
Equipped with E27, E40, E14, B22 lamp holder, convenient aging different types of energy-saving lamps, all the specifications of the energy-saving lamps are available in the machine complete automatic aging.

1. Q: Are you a factory?
A:Yes, we are a factory with the right to self-export.

2. Q: How are the goods shipped?
A: Goods are shipped by sea/by air/by express.

3. Q: Can I have samples?
A: Yes, we provide samples for most of our t4 socket.

4. Q: Can I change the packing to color box?
A: Yes. You can assign the packing and we will do for you.

5. Q: Can I do customized products?
A: Yes, just tell us your detail requests and we can do ODM&OEM as your requirements.

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