screw bulb holder with Shade Ring Full Thread

E27 screw bulb holder with Shade Ring Full Thread

E27 screw bulb holder with Shade Ring Full Thread
Product code      E27-180
Product colour     White Black
Rated current     4A
Rated voltage     250V
Rated temperature     T180-T210
Light Source     E27 lamps,E27 energy saving lamps, E27 LED bulb
Application      Table lamps,Desk lamps,Reading lamps,pendant lamps
Terminals     0.5-1.5mm² flexible cables
Cable finish:7-10mm
Push-in terminal
Material     Dome:Nylon
Out shell:Thermoplastic PET
Components:     a dome, a body
Dome entry   Size     M10*1
Shape of out shell     Smooth,Plain
Product   certificate     CE ENEC VDE ROHS
Regular package     400pcs in a carton
Carton size     40*36*27CM
Gross weight     14 kgs.

Plastic screw bulb holder, Also known as the plastic lamp holder.
The lamp is generally divided into the plastic head, Phenolic socket, ceramic light socket, brass lamp holder.
The plastic head is generally made by the injection molding machine with mold injection molded of its raw materials can be divided into the PET, PBT, LCP.
According the lamp bayonet bit different, plastic lamp holder can be divided into E14 E27 E12 E26, daily life, the common base E14 E27.
Plastic head resistant to temperature to be high, generally higher than for other types of caps can be achieved for more than 240 degrees.

E27 screw bulb holder white

The combined decorative lights screw bulb holder by the base surface seat, in the middle copper side of the copper sheet, flat strip of plastic mainline, which face Block after injection molded from hard plastic, one end has stairs and card holethe hollow cylinder, the base platform with the undercut, characterized in that the surface of the seat and the base card holes and barbs complexes clamped flat strip of plastic the main line is fastened. The advantage of easy accessibility, easy to replace, to ensure that the entire Marquee decorative effect, commonly used in the Marquee screw bulb holder.

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