12v halogen lamp socket

12v halogen lamp socket

12v halogen lamp socket, commonly called halogen lamp holder, are used to secure bulbs in ceiling lighting fitting and to provide a safe, reliable connection to the electrical power source. JAMES produce ceramice MR16 socket for high temperature applications that include mainly Tungsten Halogens, Incandescent and  HID bulb types. JAMES provides CE & UL certified halogen socket for many diverse product applications. Some of them include: interior and exterior building illumination, Stage, studio and film, store displays and large areas for general illumination.

The difference between the 12v halogen lamp socket MR16 and GU10, MR16 GU10 is commonly used form of spotlight lamp cup connector, LED also labeled as such, MR16 plug is in the shape of two fine pins, GU10 two round pins, MR16 low voltage lightsusually voltage of 12V GU10 for high pressure lamps, usually voltage of 110V or 220V
MR: the multi-faceted reflector (lamp cup), followed by numbers, which means that the lamp cup diameter (unit is 1/8 inch), MR16 diameter = 16 × 1/8 = 2 inch ≈ 50mm, MR11 diameter = 11 × 1/8 = 2 inch ≈ 35mm.
12v halogen lamp socket types

GU: G indicates the type of lamp is a plug-in, U lamp part of a U-shape, behind digital light foot hole center distance (in mm)

The common lighting lamp holders:MR16, GU10, E14, B22, E2, G24.

GU10 LED Bulbs are characterized by having a 2-pin light bulb lamp holder that inserts-and-twists into the 12v halogen lamp socket. The bi-pin GU10 LED light bulbs has pins that are 10mm apart. EagleLight LED Lighting offers several forms of LED GU10 lightbulbs including dimming LED GU10 bulbs and GU10 LED spot lights.

12v halogen lamp socket are available in the standard two pin GU5.3 bi pin lamp holder as well as the E27 LED medium screw lamp holder. The 12v halogen lamp socket shown here are all the GU5.3 lamp holder type, for other 2 inch diameter LED light bulbs please refer to the E26 & E27 LED section of the site. There you will find R20 and PAR20 bulbs that have similar shapes to MR16 LED lights but have a E26 or E27 LED lamp holder type.

12v halogen lamp socket dimension size

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